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After Thoughts

I had come back to my blog a year and a few months after Bill had passed away. I came back to a blog I felt I was ready to resume. I found out differently, my first entry after a year of absence was "My Sweet Charming Man," I knew I was not quite ready at that time. I still had feelings of unrest and a bit of unexpressed sadness.

During that time of absence from my blog, I did a lot of writing, but it was personal and not a thing I wanted to share with anyone. So my diary got the best of my writing during those days and as it is, shall remain out of sight, out of mind and away from eyes staring at the words so painful.

cropped-cropped-cropped-red-cm.pngThese words shall forever keep their silence upon the dark pages that are now enclosed in this cold forbidden book that has been hidden somewhere in the recesses of my computer's private files, never to be spoken of and even less likely to be found once more.

I did accomplish a couple of small milestones while I was on my blog the first time, a little more than a year after... I was able to finally admit something to myself. It was that 
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