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The word today is “zing.” Take away the obvious synonyms which are repetitive of the synonyms of “zing” and these are “vitality”, “energy”, “vigor”, “verve”, “animation”, “vivacity”, and “vivaciousness” which is just another form of the word “vivacity”. Take these away and let’s see what is left of the synonyms of zing after the repetitive synonyms of zing have been eliminated. First; let’s salvage some of the synonyms of zing which are not repeated and they are “dynamism” which we will talk about later. (Remember we took away the repetitive synonyms that just repeat the same words to describe the word ZING) and “punch” is the other non-repetitive synonym. With that out of the way, let’s take one of the repetitive synonyms which I eliminated but now I’m going to give the repetitive synonym “vitality” back to this lesson which also has its’ own repetitive synonyms and these are “liveliness”, “energy”, “vivacity”, “vigor”, “animation”, and “verve”. Along with the repetitive synonyms of “vitality” the non-repetitive synonyms include but are not limited to “strength”, “life”, “get-up-and-go”, “buoyance”, “joie de vivre”, (which by the way means “joy of living”. It’s French) The word “dynamism” is not repetitive as a synonym of zing, but I repeated it just to give the meaning of it and that is “vigorously active, forceful, and energizing quality”, especially as the hallmark of somebody’s personality or approach to a task. “Punch” is a non-repetitive synonym of zing and I believe that it is self-explanatory. Now, to continue with the synonyms of “zing”; another repetitive synonym is the synonym “vivacity”. If you’ll try and remember that “vivacity” and “vivaciousness” I crossed off entirely since “vivaciousness” is a repetitive synonym of the word “zing” and is also repetitive because “vivaciousness”, if you’ll remember, is only another form of the word “vivacity”. But since you mentioned it, its’ repetitive synonyms are “liveliness”, “animation”, “verve”, “energy”, “vivaciousness”, and “vitality”. Did anyone get the meaning of “verve”? The unrepeated synonyms of “vivacity” which I shouldn’t even have in here since “vivacity” and “vivaciousness” are just different tenses of the same word and the unrepeated synonyms of “vivacity” are: “high-spiritedness”, “exuberance”, “cheerfulness”, “live”, “chirpiness”, and “sparkle”. I just love the words, “exuberance” and “chirpiness” don’t you? Hang in there we are almost done with this lesson. Now, that only leaves one non-repetitive synonym of “zing” and that is the word “dynamism” and this only has 3 synonyms repeated under it. Those words are, “vitality”, “vigor” and “energy”. The ones that are not repeated synonyms I especially love and those synonyms are “zip”, “drive”, and “enthusiasm” and get this; to round it all off the last synonym is “ZING”.



Even though it has only been a couple of weeks, it seems as if it has been a year since I have added anything new to my blog, in fact, I have added nothing at all to the words that meander down the road to insignificance. At the thought of those words, you can tell that I’m feeling a little melancholy today as I have the past days. Otherwise, had I not been in this state of mind, I might put on a smile as I forge onward to begin again on my blog.

I used to see a twinkle in his eye

And I knew that his smile was nigh.

My expectations left me high

Just waiting for that twinkle in his eye.


Yesterday I knew this was to be true

And now I’m not sure what to do

That smile has lingered like the dew

Oh for the eyes to twinkle a new.


Now his eyes just always look blank

My eyes saw nothing and my heart sank.

I looked around and I began to feel dank

But I wanted to be back into the rank


Of that beautiful and precious smile in his eyes

It’s called a twinkle and follows his guise

I’ve been waiting oh please give me that surprise

First a twinkle and then that smile I idolize.


My heart is broken but still I wait

Because I know it is there, I am his mate

For a while now it is usually late

But it’s there it’s personal, and I need not debate.

How Could I Show the Depth of My Love?


It’s funny in a facetious way how my profundity of love for my husband would be tested in such a way such as it is at this time. While I was growing up, there was no real love in our Copy of Copy of mom and dadfamily. If it wasn’t for my step-father who I have always felt was my real father I would not have a speck of love within me. He put us, his family first. He never cared what time we called or what he was doing at that time; his secretary was given instructions to put his family through to him even if he was in a meeting. That’s how he thought of us; we were his family.

Since he married my mom when I was eleven years old, it was almost too late for real ron ann col 56family love to shine through and actually recognize it as being something special or even important. My real father had no love for us kids, and a future series on growing up with no love will bear out that fact. So I virtually grew up within a family of only jealousy and indifference of each other. We felt little, if any, love for each other as kids the same way our mother showed little love if any to us.

I had always known the words in the bible that said, “God is love.” I couldn’t grasp that idea and it was a mystery to me. It was something I knew nothing about at all. I just knew  those words were true because they were in the bible and I have always believed what the bible said even if I didn’t understand it. In response to these words that always bothered me since I was a child, I wanted to know what love was and where I could go to find it. When I grew up I went looking for love; so please forgive me for the following cliché.

Yes, as the song goes, “I was looking for love in all the wrong places.” I went through that scene not knowing exactly what I was looking for but it definitely wasn’t there in bars. I couldn’t find it among the drugs of the hippies and their love and peace slogans. Then I thought I might find love out on the road while I was driving a truck. I quickly Continue reading How Could I Show the Depth of My Love?

Island of Tears

Island                                                            UPDATED

An island is a piece of land that is totally surrounded by water and as the saying goes, “No man is an island.”   While no man can be an island in the manner of surviving by himself, since all mankind is connected in one way or another to the human family. So, no man is an island. Although, two people can become Continue reading Island of Tears

Lives Are a Saga


Lives Are a Saga

Birth is a constant and death is a constant. These two constants happen in every one’s life. As soon as birth takes place that constant has ended. Now it becomes intermittent and irregular. When that part ends, then the other constant is in place, death.

Intermittent and irregular things happen to all of us between the constants of birth and death and that is called life. There have been many things that have happened to all of us. Many of them were good, and those are the memories that should be the only things in the forefront of our minds. Unfortunately, there were also the many tragedies that happen in all of our lives and people think they should just forget them; as it were, out of sight out of mind.

Wouldn’t that be nice if they were wrapped in neat little packages of good and bad? If that were the case then life would be good. The intermittent cycles Continue reading Lives Are a Saga


Empty        UPDATED

I don’t deal well with anxiety and I fight this high level of anxiety every day now. My husband is far gone as he took another nose dive. I know I can’t handle any more. I feel as if I am going to have another melt down and end up again in the hospital as this anxiety becomes heavier every day now. How do I tell him I can’t take anymore and he has to go away? This is too hard because watching him lose more and more of himself hurts me too much. For every piece of himself he losses, I lose two pieces of me.

He doesn’t understand about my level of anxiety, so I have to put on a smile when inside I am empty and can hardly deal Continue reading Empty

Unspoken Majesty of the Mountains



There are  mountains and hills in just about every one of the 50 states of this country. Some mountains are much higher than others and some are hills. Whatever is observed as the scenery which passes by at 70 mph if you’re on the Interstate, or 50 – 65 mph if you’re on the US or State highways, is something to truly enjoy.

Every place on this earth has its’ own splendor, its’ own beauty, and there is nothing I would like better than to be able to travel some of those roads again and this time “Don’t Run So Fast” 

I drove a truck for 16 years, and I saw the mountain, the plains, US highways, and state highways. There is no place that does not speak of the majesty of the mountains. The roads I loved were the two lane roads that made a truck drive slower. The sights were unbelievable. Each direction was more beautiful than Continue reading Unspoken Majesty of the Mountains

Born For A Purpose?


Although many, maybe even the majority, believe that people were born with a purpose in life. My thoughts are different on that subject. If one would take a look at my point of view, maybe it will make sense to some of the people who read this post. I for instance am a caretaker and I fell into that position many years ago. My childhood, time and unforeseen circumstances that befall us all, (Ecclesiastes 9:11)   Unexpected things that have happened thrust me into that role at an early age, but I don’t believe that I was born for that for that sole purpose.

Just a few of those circumstances were that when one of my younger sisters was sick, I was the one told I had to stay home from school to care for that one while my mother worked. After I got home from school, it was me that had to clean the house, and make dinner for six so when mom got home, dinner was on the table. I certainly didn’t choose to be used for that purpose. I was the oldest girl, and I resented, I resented it very much. I was shoved into this role of caretaker. No, I didn’t see this as a joy I hated it and resented it because at that time my purpose was to be a slave.

I took care of my brother while he was dying from cancer, my mother with Alzheimer’s, part-time care of my sick grand-daughter to help ease the burden on the other grand mother, countless times money to my sister, the list goes on and on. When I got older, I didn’t mind because I loved the people I took care of. Even being in that role, I had a choice. I could have said no, I could have walked away instead of being their caretaker.

I don’t believe that we were born with a purpose. I believe that we may choose a role or slip into a role out of necessity, or of desire. A drunk has a sickness, an addict has a sickness. Someone with Cerebral Palsy, or Muscular  Dystrophy were not born for that purpose.

If someone was born for a specific purpose, to me it makes no sense. God would be a very cruel God to put someone in such a position to suffer all their lives. Slaves were not born that purpose, they were snatched from their homes and beaten into slavery.

The bible portrays God as a loving God. If you were going to punish a child for playing with matches, would you hold their hand over a fire and let him be burned as a punishment? Of course you wouldn’t. Our heavenly father would not do that either. He loves his creation and He gave all of us free will. To follow Him or not, to obey him or not, to come to an understanding of him or not, these are all choices we are able to make.

This is my personal opinion according to what the bible says. I agree with it whole heartedly, but others may not. That too is okay. As I said we were all given free choice.







When I sing, the birds disappear, the trees shiver, and people cover their ears with a look of terror in their eyes. I don’t understand why. I love to sing. A song can make you feel as if you are floating on a cloud but it could also make you feel as if your heart is about to break. Sometimes songs can make you feel empowered, as if  you can accomplish anything.

I have heard the expression, “…couldn’t carry a tune in a basket.” I wonder what that means?  Well, it doesn’t matter. I sang in the chorus in school, and I sang in the church choir when I was a child. I even sang a solo once in church. I was too soft, so the choir director motioned for me to sing louder. I thought I was doing great. The louder I sang, the more people began stirring. At the end of my part, I was singing so proudly, and I ended with a smile from ear to ear. As I waited for the applause, I looked up.  I saw the seats empty, and the choir director galloping out the door. Was it something I said?

cm writes

As you can see, I have changed the name of this blog This is a far more appropriate title. I don’t really know how the other got named that name. I was probably trying to do something else and ended up with that. The same thing with my user name. I thought that I was naming the blog that. WordPress is new to me and I am still trying to figure a lot of it out for myself. That is how I have  learned just about everything I know.

I learned how to drive a truck by myself, I taught myself how to run a computer when windows was new. I learned a ton of programs. There are enough books out there to teach yourself anything. I just figure if I can do it, any body can.