Concerning “When Calls the Heart”

It’s hard for me to get back to writing again since it’s been so difficult to get through these dark days and months. I’ve been a widow now for six months. Thirty years of marriage is not wiped out easily in a few days or even a few months. Even today I still start to say something and look towards Bill’s chair before I remember that he isn’t there and he will never be there again. Even though this still brings tears to my eyes, there has been help along the way. This may sound strange, but sometimes help comes from unexpected places. (such as here)  

Some of my help came from the Hallmark Channel series called “When Calls the Heart” I do not have the Hallmark Channel so I have only seen the first four seasons on Netflix. I have caught part of season five on You Tube. Daniel Lissing did a wonderful job in building and becoming the character Jack Thornton, the Mountie. Erin Krakow did the same wonderful job in building and becoming her character, Elizabeth Thatcher, the school teacher. Other than the very strong chemistry between the two of them, no other description needs to be told. The first four seasons are still on Netflix.

My original thoughts were to write this as a personal message to Daniel Lissing, except I don’t know how to get a hold of him.

I watch these four seasons almost continually and have since April. The reason for that isn’t because I’m a #heartie, which I’m not, I just wanted to let the actors know  how they played their parts affected me during my time of sorrow. Comments made on air let me know that I’m not the only one that has been helped through a time of sorrow.  For now, I will just keep the type of help, the what’s and the reasons of what help that I received from them a secret to myself.

Now, about all those comments people made about Jack dying in season five. If you really think about the story line, it was about the right time for Jack’s role to end. We all rooted for Jack and Elizabeth to kiss and him declare his love for her. We all wanted to see them become engaged, they did. Then we all rooted for Jack and Elizabeth to get married, and they did. Why would Jack be needed for the rest of the series?

They got married, and Elizabeth was widowed with child. Jack Thornton will never be forgotten, they will talk about him and his past heroic deeds, and Elizabeth will certainly talk to their child about his or her daddy about his heroism.

Dan had other things that he wanted to get involved with and no one should want to hold him back from pursuing those goals. Of course he will be missed for quite a while, but this too shall pass.

There are many things that would make the show interesting without having the need for Jack himself to still be in the series. I would love to see what happened to Wyatt Weaver (the genius) he graduated at the age of 13 and at 16 could read through college textbooks “as if they were picture books” commented Elizabeth in astonishment to Abigail. He built a model of a machine that would clear out some of the bad air in the mines and help keep the men safer. Elizabeth told him that she would call her father’s patent lawyer and Jack would take a photo to send to them. what happened with that? I for one would like to see those results. Did she do that? If she had, maybe Wyatt wouldn’t have had to continue working in the mine.

What about the dyslexic boy (Beau) who made airplanes from memory? What happened to him as he learned to read, and his father who became amazed at his son (as the story revealed) was also unable to read? What about the other kids whose lives Elizabeth changed? I for one would like to see what happened to them.

I would also like to see what happened to the railroad jerk, Wyatt. He got arrested, then his brother got his job, then the railroad story never got told to us. I would like to know why the story stopped before we knew what was happening to it. Since now Lee is trying to get the railroad into town, it would seem to me that the rest of the past railroad attempt would have to be told.

Who could Elizabeth get to know and fall in love with in time? What about Michael Gleason, the Mountie? He came by once and asked Elizabeth if she wanted him to give Jack a message for her. Didn’t he tell Elizabeth that her fiancée talked about her all the time? In that brief encounter he revealed that he was under Jack’s command. Suppose he had been under Jack’s command long enough to learn how Jack thought, and some of his leadership skills? Or how about Elizabeth shying away from Mounties altogether since Jack died as one? There are so many scenarios that could be pursued; Jack would eventually fade into the sunset but not for a long time.





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