Bill and I

This is my husband
Bird with seed
Bird with Seed
Male Cardinal
Male Cardinal
Butchart Gardens
flowers yellow
Grandpa getting pretty
upside down lovebirds
upside down lovers
Waiting for food
talking to a friend
bill for id
He’s happy here
just a few of our closest
friends he died oct 24
174827- party
Come as your favorite Bible character
nore close friends
these are very close frimds



Below is the last picture I took of Bill before he got real sick. In this picture he looked contented and peaceful. He was just glad that I was there so he could hold me again. From here his final nose dive. From this time on, he was not my husband. I didn’t know the man this mental illness turned him into.

He weighed about 140 lbs so  far and used to weigh 188. He turned into a cruel man, pushing every one away and hitting some people including me. These are the days I went home and cried. I had been married to an abusive man before and it took me years to come to a comfortable place with any man. When he hit me, that was what triggered memories of days gone by.

I don’t feel as if I have mourned Bill yet. Maybe I mourned him until the day he died. The strange thing about this is something that Alzheimer’s disease does not do. Bill still recognized me and I could tell by the way he looked at me and listened intently to what I was saying to him. By the time Alzheimer’s are dying, they don’t know who anyone is.

Yes, I believe that Dementia is very different from Alzheimer’s and this is from my own personal experience. This is the photo where we cuddled for the last time

filter on relax
Before Bill got real sick,







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