Today’s prompt is something I need. Not that I fear death nor do I forget that this is a sensitive subject. This is particularly something that is on my mind since my husband passed away on December 7,  2017. There is only so much that one person can do by themselves and every one expect them to hold it together. My stepson and a brother-in-law have been helping me with the details.

The other day I was asking another brother-in-law if he was planning to come down for the memorial here in MO. He would have wanted to come if we were having it anywhere but here. Therefore, I understood why his voice changed and so did his attitude. When I told  him that we are having it here in MO because this is where we have lived for 18 years and all of our friends are here too.

Our friends consist of Jehovah’s Witness’s and non Jehovah’s Witness’s. Immediately his answer was .”Oh, then we won’t be coming.” I would have at one time cried for hours. but this time I wasn’t offended at all. I already knew the reason he wasn’t coming here was because we are Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Well, we are burying him in their hometown of Fairbury, NE 2 days after the memorial, those were his last wishes. Therefore since I don’t have a car anymore I can’t find anyone to bring me home it’s a 6 hour drive. That means I won’t be able to go to the cemetery to carry out his last wish, so I know his brother and 2 stepson’s will finish carrying out his wishes.

Then that will be the finality of my dear husband’s body in the form of ashes. Genesis3::19  you will eat bread* until you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken.+ For dust you are and to dust you will return.”)  and only memories of him are left in the peoples hearts  and  minds who knew and loved him. Nothing of him remains but he is in Jehovah’s memory. My memories of him will always be of a soft-spoken, gentle man with a heart of gold who took care of me and loved me dearly and all of his family the same..

Rather than looking for any faults in others, he overlooked them and forgave them if they had offended him. 4: 26 Be wrathful and do not sin, do not let the set while you are still angry”

I loved him very much and will until I only exist in Jehovah’s memory too.

One thought on “Cemetery

  1. You have been on my mind so much… Now I know why… Colette I am so sorry about Bill and what you both have been going through.. Your number that I have no longer works and I have been worried sick…This morning I googled your name and found your blog… I wish I could’ve been there for you…Call me when you can… Love you sis… Marla Bottorff


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