The New Horror

We both cried and our friends were trying not to cry as I told him how it was taking parts of me away too. If you’ve been following any part of this story, you know the things that it’s doing to me. He insisted he didn’t want us to be broken up. It was difficult for him to grasp that we were still married, we will always be married. I kept re-assuring him it isn’t anything he did, and he can’t help needing the kind of help he needs. I reminded him again and again that it is this horrible monster of a disease that is eating away his brain and it is never going to get any better. I had to keep reminding him that I love him, I would always love him and he is forever my husband and I his wife. The difficult part is that they cannot grasp the idea that we are not getting divorced.

The dementia victim is not capable of understanding that he did nothing wrong and he can do nothing to make things normal and return home. So we both cry a lot and hug each other because re-assurance is the only thing that can help them feel a little more secure. So we both showered there together which is allowed for married people.

This reminded me that this was exactly as it was at home. I had to help him shower, I had to rinse him, dry him off. I had to dress him so he had everything on the correct way. I had to tie his tie and make sure his hair was combed. This was exactly like he was home with me. I see that I need to back away from that type of thing. I’m also going to shorten my visits with him because the longer I am with him, the higher the anxiety level goes.

Bill and I are both going to have to let go a little and not spend so much time together for now. He needs to get used to the fact that he lives there now and won’t be coming home to live here again. I must get used to not having him at home. This is definitely a bittersweet window that has opened.

Another thing to expect when a dementia patient is put into the nursing home is that they will look at you through the tears and their eyes will plead with you not to desert them. It rips your heart in two and all you can do is turn and leave and on the other side of the door silently sob with a guilt you don’t deserve to feel…

Right now the only things I can do is to try to make him a little more comfortable by bringing a few trinkets from home to make his surroundings a little more familiar to him and help him to accept that this is now home.




About cm writes

I love to write and have done so since before my teens. I drove a truck for 16 years starting in 1975 and did no favors in paving the way for woman drivers. Mystery Shopping was a favorite of mine and still do that occasionally. Now I love writing about anything to do with the experiences of life that hopefully will help others in some way.
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4 Responses to The New Horror

  1. kstanlyksays says:

    it usually works if you are on a page you want to link to, highlight the address in the address bar, hold down the command/control button & hit “c” to copy, then go to where you want to paste it and hold command/control while you hit “v” to paste it. if it’s one of the wp pages that has a toolbox showing, choose the chain symbol to insert it as a hyperlink. i hope that’s the right answer, it usually works for me.


  2. kstanlyksays says:

    well my eyes teared up starting with the update above, now i am in full tears. my heart, my whole being, is with you right now. i can’t even speak. much much much love to you. i can’t even imagine how hard this is for you. i wish i had words that could help in any way. or any other way to help. you are beautiful, and your love for your husband is beautiful.


    • imnotsurebut says:

      Thank you for your sincere words that really encouraged me. I know that people are reading this and others have told me how this info would​ have made them treat their loved ones with Alzheimer’s better and with a little wisdom. All of what I am writing is true. These things that I am writing I hope helps some people down the line. This is cathartic for me too. I cry while I write about these things, but if it helps someone it’s OK.

      I’ve been writing since I was a teen and before. Some of the things I went through may help some today also. I may start writing episodes of those experiences too in the future. I’m not just a writer of life’s bad experiences, I love humor too.

      I love your comments, and thanks you so much. HOW DO I PUT A BACKLINK ON SOMEONE”S PAGE? I thought it did it automatically when you wrote a comment on someone’s page


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