Understanding Will Come


After Walking a Mile in My Shoes – Understanding Will Be There


Now his son is confused as to why he is so much worse today than 6 months ago and because I am no longer able to take care of him he is in a nursing home. His son at this time can not understand how serious his father’s dementia is and how fast his father went downhill.  He doesn’t understand how his condition has deteriorated in the short time he saw him last which was in December of last year. I would be confused too and try to find out all I could as to what happened.

My thoughts on this is that he can bring his dad home for the day each day he is here. I will go away somewhere to a friend’s house about an hour away so I’ll only be a short distance and I can get home quickly if he or his father needs me. That way he will be doing everything I had to do for him. I will have to let him take care of his father so he can see and feel the stress I was under.

He wants to bring his daughter with him, but that can go one of two ways. She could see the changes and remember her grandpa as he is now, or grandpa will be wonderful to play with and talk a little better since he thinks like a child when he is with them. This is a decision that he and his wife will have to decide together.While I fully believe that Bill will remember her and enjoy her visit very much. I don’t know what he will do that is odd to her. How is she going to feel when she sees him not being able to do things for himself, but his son will have to do this. How is his daughter going to remember him? As her fun grandpa, or a sad sight of this man she knows as grandpa?

Before he leaves, he will understand what is going on with his dad and he will understand the nose dives were serious, and nothing can change it. I know he will see the drastic changes in his dad the short time he will be here. Then the day before he leaves I will let Bill sleep at home and go with me to take them to the airport so he can say bye to them again.  

I don’t know the answer to that question. His son will have to make the decision. Then it could be a very good visit at home with his son and granddaughter. I do hope that it will be one good one that they both will remember fondly. ¿¿¿


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