Free Basic Computer Lessons

This will be a short post. I offer basic computer lessons for older people who are afraid to try to use the computer for fear of breaking it. My lessons are short, to the point, pictures, and a new vocabulary for computer users only. These terms are badly needed if someone is able to learn to follow directions  themselves. That is one of the problems I had when I first began learning the computer myself. I didn’t know what the instructions were. I didn’t know what the “thing-a-ma-jigs” were and I didn’t have a clue what the “Doo-Hickeys” were. Well, I will teach them those things. They are basic lessons. So if you know someone who is afraid of the computer, send them here for a look at the easy to follow instructions.

On this website is free lessons on photo editing. It isn’t hard because most of it is trying different things yourself, but introduce some programs to them.

Then there are some posts on gift giving and how to be a unique gift giver that people won’t want to return. Come check it out just for curiosity sake. Come on, you know you want to.

    my other blog


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