Unspoken Majesty of the Mountains



There are  mountains and hills in just about every one of the 50 states of this country. Some mountains are much higher than others and some are hills. Whatever is observed as the scenery which passes by at 70 mph if you’re on the Interstate, or 50 – 65 mph if you’re on the US or State highways, is something to truly enjoy.

Every place on this earth has its’ own splendor, its’ own beauty, and there is nothing I would like better than to be able to travel some of those roads again and this time “Don’t Run So Fast” 

I drove a truck for 16 years, and I saw the mountain, the plains, US highways, and state highways. There is no place that does not speak of the majesty of the mountains. The roads I loved were the two lane roads that made a truck drive slower. The sights were unbelievable. Each direction was more beautiful than the last. Did you know that even the desserts have their beauty? Yes, there are 2 – 3 weeks of the year that the cactus bloom, and it is a regal sight too.

There is a fact that I would like to spell out for everyone that lives in the mountains of Colorado. I lived in Colorado for more than 20 years, and I used to think this way too. I had thought that the mountains in the other states, with the exception of Alaska, were not as tall as the Rocky Mountains, and trucks that used their Jake Brakes going down these small hills in the east were not as bad as the Rockies. We made fun of them and teased them that they didn’t’ know what a mountain was.  I hereby apologize for any teasing I have done to any drivers from the east.

In any case, I would like to share with all some facts from a few of these states that call their mountains rightfully mountains. The ones we only called hills. In the state of  North Carolina, Highway 128 reaches peaks of 6,400 plus feet high. South Carolina boasts that there are 7 passes over 3,000 feet. Virginia has a about 12 passes that are 5,728 down to 4,400 feet. Pennsylvania, 3,213 feet highest peak. New Hampshire‘s Mount Washington is 6,288 ft.

Now I would like to talk about the mountains of Colorado. Some of the better known passes that are open for truck traffic are in RED and as follows. No trucks, and/or not paved all the way are in BLUE.

Name of Pass  Elevation Adjustment for 5280 feet start point of Denver
Wolf Creek  10,856  -5280   = 5,576  actual climb
Loveland  11,991  -5,280   = 6,711  actual climb
Eisenhower  11,158  -5,280   =  6,400 actual climb
Mosquito Pass  13,185  -5280   = 7,905  actual climb
Independence  12,095  -5,280   = 6,367  actual climb
MT Evans Byway 14,160   -5280 8,880 actual climb

As you can see, the differences are not that great.  Small are the differences. The mountains are two lane or four lane. East you find the beauty of the trees and firs that whistle in the wind can capture your heart. Large are the skies in the west, the stars are innumerable, and the land is red with rock and dirt. The rivers with their waterfalls will take your breath away and the rocks in the canyons will leave you in awe.

These are the facts. I’ve been through many of the passes in the Carolinas, VA, NH, TN, and KY and I have to say that there is no mountain range in this country that is not strikingly majestic. They are dignified as having been created by the only living God, whose name is Jehovah.

Next time you take a trip, driving a truck, or better yet, a car; “Don’t Run So Fast.” Take your time, look and listen to the sounds around you and enjoy the majestic creation.










2 thoughts on “Unspoken Majesty of the Mountains

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    1. Jim,
      I’m sorry that it took so long to answer your comment. I check my spam every few days, and I found your there. I’m glad that I looked. I find it a fascinating comment in that you would like to counsel on some fascinating things or tips. I would love to write more on this subject because I’ve had many experiences that were horrible, and then I have had many rewarding experiences also. I take it that you may be from another country that has some sights to tell about too. I’d love to hear them and get some tips. In the meantime I will try to write some more about the sights across the lower 48 states. If I tell some bad experiences, it’s only because I don’t want them to suffer the same things as I did.v


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