Born For A Purpose?


Although many, maybe even the majority, believe that people were born with a purpose in life. My thoughts are different on that subject. If one would take a look at my point of view, maybe it will make sense to some of the people who read this post. I for instance am a caretaker and I fell into that position many years ago. My childhood, time and unforeseen circumstances that befall us all, (Ecclesiastes 9:11)   Unexpected things that have happened thrust me into that role at an early age, but I don’t believe that I was born for that for that sole purpose.

Just a few of those circumstances were that when one of my younger sisters was sick, I was the one told I had to stay home from school to care for that one while my mother worked. After I got home from school, it was me that had to clean the house, and make dinner for six so when mom got home, dinner was on the table. I certainly didn’t choose to be used for that purpose. I was the oldest girl, and I resented, I resented it very much. I was shoved into this role of caretaker. No, I didn’t see this as a joy I hated it and resented it because at that time my purpose was to be a slave.

I took care of my brother while he was dying from cancer, my mother with Alzheimer’s, part-time care of my sick grand-daughter to help ease the burden on the other grand mother, countless times money to my sister, the list goes on and on. When I got older, I didn’t mind because I loved the people I took care of. Even being in that role, I had a choice. I could have said no, I could have walked away instead of being their caretaker.

I don’t believe that we were born with a purpose. I believe that we may choose a role or slip into a role out of necessity, or of desire. A drunk has a sickness, an addict has a sickness. Someone with Cerebral Palsy, or Muscular  Dystrophy were not born for that purpose.

If someone was born for a specific purpose, to me it makes no sense. God would be a very cruel God to put someone in such a position to suffer all their lives. Slaves were not born that purpose, they were snatched from their homes and beaten into slavery.

The bible portrays God as a loving God. If you were going to punish a child for playing with matches, would you hold their hand over a fire and let him be burned as a punishment? Of course you wouldn’t. Our heavenly father would not do that either. He loves his creation and He gave all of us free will. To follow Him or not, to obey him or not, to come to an understanding of him or not, these are all choices we are able to make.

This is my personal opinion according to what the bible says. I agree with it whole heartedly, but others may not. That too is okay. As I said we were all given free choice.