First blog post


Hello There

I thought that I would try WordPress and see if I like it better than the others. I’m not sure but…it has some¬† pretty cool apps.

Come on in and have a seat right here. Share with me “The Things I Think I Know”

Here is my own favorite …

¬†page from the other place. I’ll put this as my first blog because so far there has been no one that has read it and didn’t like it. This is also so true..


by cm


the cabin in the woods.docx_Page_1







About cm writes

A lifelong desire of mine has been to write. As a child I wrote, even though it needed some pizzazz; but as a child, my abilities were very limited as you can imagine. Every person has much to learn, and I did that along the road to adulthood. I sure wish I kept them so I could us them for other posts. Fool that I am, I destroyed them. There were diaries through childhood abuse, tossed out. I guess that they served their purpose. Diaries I also kept through 2 abusive marriages and where are they now? They have all been destroyed, but yet I love to write. I guess that I didn't see any reason to keep them at the time, but as I write now, I can see the true value of them, precious. When I write now, I keep everything no matter how bad it seems to be. When I was in therapy I wrote everyday. Even if there are parts I don't want exposed, I don't expose it, but that is nothing new to writers. They have been doing this for years, and it works well. Happy Writing
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3 Responses to First blog post

  1. Dessie91 says:

    I see your website is in the same niche like my blog.
    Do you allow guest posts? I can write hi quality and unique posts for you.
    Let me know if you are interested.


    • imnotsurebut says:

      I’m sorry that it has taken me so long to answer this comment. I was just checking my spam and saw that I had a new one. So I only now looked at it. What kind of writing are you talking about? Is it a series of articles? Something to add to mine? New articles on different subjects. Let me know. I wouldn’t mind having someone contributing to this site.


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