First blog post


Hello There

I thought that I would try WordPress and see if I like it better than the others. I’m not sure but…it has some¬† pretty cool apps.

Come on in and have a seat right here. Share with me “The Things I Think I Know”

Here is my own favorite …

¬†page from the other place. I’ll put this as my first blog because so far there has been no one that has read it and didn’t like it. This is also so true..


by cm


the cabin in the woods.docx_Page_1







4 thoughts on “First blog post

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    1. I apologize that I have not made a remark sooner. Unfortunately, these three comments went to the spam folder. I have no idea why, but it won’t happen again to your comments.

      I thank you for your kind comment on my blog. Maybe you can tell me why I am getting so many of these emails? I figure that since they all tell me to go to Etorofer’s strategies, it’s some sort of money making scheme. Am I right?

      I probably have offended you and if I did, I sincerely apologize to you. The message is the same, but sometimes comments are genuine. If yours was, then again, I apologize.


  2. I see your website is in the same niche like my blog.
    Do you allow guest posts? I can write hi quality and unique posts for you.
    Let me know if you are interested.


    1. I’m sorry that it has taken me so long to answer this comment. I was just checking my spam and saw that I had a new one. So I only now looked at it. What kind of writing are you talking about? Is it a series of articles? Something to add to mine? New articles on different subjects. Let me know. I wouldn’t mind having someone contributing to this site.


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